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Our most popular course it the Advanced Driver Course but we also offer Special Discounts for Young & Older Drivers (via AJ1 Program) see below
Advanced Driver Course

  • Become the best driver you can be​

  • DVSA accredited​

  • Possible cheaper insurance​

  • Boost your skills


Qualify as an advanced driver on our flagship Advanced driving course the only one accredited by the DVSA

Visit the IAM Website to book now

Do you know someone that would like to take the “Skills for Life” driving course available from “IAM Roadsmart”?

This will help to improve driving skills and the ability to handle a car in a more confident but safe manner.


We have an offer that will assist Young Drivers (anyone aged between 17 to 25).

We also have an offer that will assist Older Drivers (anyone over the age of 65).


All you need to do is –

Live within the North Yorkshire Area (deemed by postcode)

And be within the Northallerton IAM group area (we do not only just cover Northallerton but a fair bit of North Yorkshire)


If you think you would like to know more then please contact our group Treasurer –

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